Measurement Guide! 

Please note that all your beautiful bodies are built differently! Everyone is unique and that is what makes you, you! Vintage denim is *usually* made from 100% non-stretch cotton and has little give. Due to this I highly recommend that everyone measure themselves and their favorite pair of 100% cotton jeans with a measuring tape!..... Please remember that vintage numbers and sizing can be a lot different, it's not about the size but what fits you best and hugs those curves!

Measurements that are listed in each listing are taken laying flat with a soft tape measure. "Relaxed" is a term to refer to the jeans laying flat-not being pulled, some find that they prefer referring to the "relaxed" measurements when they want a comfortable-loose fit. "Pulled" is how much give/stretch the waist may have when pulled (reasonably pulled), this measurement may give you a tighter fit on the pants that can be desired!

The measurements of your body and the measurements of your favorite mom jeans may be different and that is okay! Most people have a range of denim that fit them differently for every mood, some days we want beach cut offs and the next day we want distress boyfriend jeans and sizes may vary for each item. 

How to measure:

Waist: Usually the smallest part of your torso

Hips: Usually the widest part of your hips about 4-6 inches below your waist (depending on your body type)

Rise: This is what determines the difference between low rise, mid rise, and high rise/waisted! A typical mid rise will be between 8-10 inches and a high rise will be between 1-014 inches.

Thigh: The widest part of your leg about .5 inch down from the top of your inseam.

Inseam: The length of the pants/shorts. This typically means how long is your pants/shorts. For jeans this is typically between 25 in (petite) to 38 in (tall)